GeorgiaFurs Member Agreement

Version 1.0, September 2019

As a GeorgiaFurs Member, I agree to:

  • Treat community members and their belongings with respect.

I will make sure that I give other community members the floor, even if I don’t agree with their thoughts and ideas.

I will leave things better than I found them when I arrive at social functions, and will touch only my personal belongings.

I will not attempt to impersonate another individual as an intent to defraud, defame, slander or generate ill-will.

  • Do my best to contribute to a positive environment.

I will leave any negativity at the front door and enjoy myself and the company of the other community members around me.

I will keep contentious topics such as politics and religion at home.

I will use available resources properly and judiciously so that all can enjoy.

I will work to help other members have a good time alongside me.

I will assist fellow community members that ask for help to the best of my ability where possible, and alert community moderators in case someone needs to step in.

I will cooperate with moderators’ action requests, even if I don’t think they are appropriate, and will ping other moderators if review is needed. I understand that the end result may not be to my liking, but I will try to uphold the administrative decision. 

  • Leave adult and prohibited items at the homestead instead of bringing them to social functions.
    This includes, but is not limited to guns, alcohol, drugs, pornographic materials along with other illegal materials.
  • Be a good representative for the local furry community as a whole.

    I will work to help educate non-community members about our community in a calm, respectful way so that they understand and

    I will make sure to mind my manners in front of people that may or may not share my interests or worldviews and who are in the same space as I am, just as I would respect a fellow community member. 


Version 1.0

  • Document created.