Appealing Bans/Rejoining the Community

What is this page about?

This page is to provide anyone who’s left and is unable to rejoin our community for any reason a way to communicate with the staff and mods to request to rejoin the chat for any reason. There are many reasons why someone could have left and, at times, the platform can be a little strange and not allow individuals back.

Or, an individual has been banned and would like to make an appeal to make their case.

Whatever the case, instead of having to chase down any and all credentials of our staff, submitting this form below will notify us of your request and we’ll take a good look at what your case is. If it’s acceptable, we’ll reach out to you and continue the conversation and, from there, we’ll discuss your return!

To get started, submit this appeal form: Appeal/Rejoin Form.

In the form, we also have an extended version of what was said above with more notes to consider. Take the time to read them, and good luck getting back!