Our Policies

General Policies

As many communities, there are rules, policies, and expectancies that we are to uphold to maintain a healthy relationship between members. The furry community is no different: as we wish to uphold our mission to be the first-step into a much wider furry community, we want to be able to provide a safe experience for any newcomer and long-time furries that come through.

We’ve written an extensive list of policies for our members to follow for our chatrooms and our in-person events. We encourage everyone to read them and familiarize themselves every now and then. We’ll also let out community know when there’s updates to the rules: communities grow and change, and issues arise and are resolved–we’ll make appropriate changes as necessary.

Click here to be directed to our fully-detailed GAF Policies

Details include:

  • Chatroom Policies
    • The “do’s and don’t’s” of our community
  • Event Policies
    • What we’d expect during a event whether in-person or online
  • Self-Advertising/Promotion Policies
    • Rules if you’d like to promote your content (art, streams, other platforms, etc).
  • Member Policy
    • How to respect one another as community members
  • Staff/Mods of GAF
    • A brief excerpt about us and what we do for our community (and how you could help!)
  • And more. So be sure to check out the link!