GeorgiaFurs Events – October

As always, the RSVPs and form details for private events will only be displayed in our chats. If you’d like to RSVP for those, please consider joining our chatrooms.

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Be aware: not all events posted are OFFICIAL GeorgiaFurs events. Some are events that are hosted by members that are made public. As such, we are NOT responsible for the happenings at these personal events!

:gafurs:GeorgiaFurs Minicon

Where: The FWAffice
When: Saturday, October 21st, 10AM-10PM
Host: The GeorgiaFurs Team
Entry Fee: $25

Get ready to have a con-like experience with the GAF MiniCon!

With the help of FWA, we are once again giving you a miniature convention experience where you can:

🦊 Meet other furries,

🎮 Play video and board games together, 

🗒 Mingle and Learn at Panels,

🎨 Interact with vendors from artists to makers, and

🎧 Enjoy some live performances!

This year especially, we’ll be graced with two talented DJs that will be playing for us at 8pm: DoxDrakes and Wachi!

Last time, we had over 100 entrants to this event, and this time we’ve made changes to ensure we have even more fun together! You certainly don’t want to miss this one, y’all~

:gafurs:Round1 Meetup: Birthday Edition

Where: Atlanta
Host: Armando Davila (GAF)

Coming at you with a striking event, our very own Armando Davila is wanting to celebrate his birthday with some fellow furs over at the fan favorite Round1! Be sure to bring some cash to fund a day full of furry shenanigans~

As always, please be sure to follow all the rules at the venue. Mainly, any attendees under 18 will have to be accompanied by a guardian after 8pm, and those attendees under 21 will have to be accompanied by a guardian after 10pm. Furthermore, this is not a fursuit friendly event, as the venue views it as a security risk!

More information can be found in our chatrooms, on both Telegram and Discord or by reaching out the host individually!

:gafurs:Atlanta Pride March

Where: Atlanta
Host: Songs & Sorcery (Elliot / Cas) (GAF)

Have you every wanted to march in a parade in fursuit? Well, here’s your chance, so make sure not to miss this one!

Coming to us on this very month, Atlanta Pride will be hosting numerous events, including several marches, and it’s honestly just an all-around great time to get into with some friends. This is a fursuit-based event, so make sure to bring your fursuits if ya have em, but all are welcome to join in on the fun!

As a side-note, it will most likely still be quite warm, so it is important to bring lots of water. We don’t want any dehydrated suiters out there in the heat!

More info to come on exact location, so keep an eye on our chats for updates!

:gafurs:Deepdene Park Plur Picnic

Where: Atlanta
Host: who is moot (GAF)

Up for a little Sunday afternoon fun to relax and end off your weekend on a fun note, before the return of the evil Monday? If so, take a look at this super cool event one of our lovely members has planned for our Atlanta furs!

Starting in the early afternoon, furs and friends will be getting together at Deepdene Park to enjoy an all-ages appropriate relaxing day of art, creativity, and easygoing socialization. You can bring art to sell, trading trinkets, and all your materials to make some kandi, even though our lovely host will be providing some supplies to make kandi for those without.

Of course, this is still a picnic! Make sure to bring your typical supplies for a relaxing day out at the park, such as blankets, drinks, and maybe some snacks to hold you over in case you get a bit hungry~

:gafurs:WGF Junction Lanes Bowling Meetup

Where: Newnan
Host: Talos the Automaton (WGF/GAF)

STRIKE! For our floofs over near Newnan, we’ve got a fun time at a local bowling alley for ya!

At this meet, there’s going to be lots of bowling fun, an arcade, and even glow in the dark golf! Shoe rental is ~$4 ($3.74) and the activity of bowling itself varies in cost by duration. An arcade is also available to enjoy at this venue, with the cost being anywhere from $0.50-$5.00 for a game! As for glow in the dark golf, it will be $5.00-$8.00 per person.

While the alley itself won’t allow fursuit heads in the facility (for security and safety reasons), you’re welcome to wear any PG-rated furry attire and even bring your fursuits for a picture outside of the alley sometime before, after, or during the meet x3

:gafurs:Howl on the Green

Where: Duluth
Host: Sebai (GAF)

Come one, come all! The City of Duluth is hosting it’s annual Halloween festival at its town green, and our local Pepsi Cat is inviting all us to come join the fun!

There will be raffles, costume contests, and all sorts of other Halloween-themed activities going on at this event. For our suiters, I’m glad to say that fursuiting is 100% allowed, and even encouraged by the hosts, at this event. However, it would more than likely be best to suit up at your car, as there aren’t really any private areas to do so at that are easily accessible.

There will also be food and drink available at dozens of restaurants and food vendors that you can find all over the event, so be sure to come with some money and an empty tummy~

:gafurs:Nullhund’s Jackbox: Spooktacular Special

Where: GeorgiaFurs Discord
Host: Nullhund (GAF/AF)

Back once again, our local hellhound is bringing back the hilarious hijinks that come along with a chaotic game of Jackbox!

Make sure to stop by in the GeorgiaFurs Discord for all sorts of fun, degeneracy, and laughs! This night is prone to make some of our most veteran furries cringe, but it’s all in good fun~

As a reminder, this event is limited to our 18+ furs, as it tends to get a bit spicy at times. I also heard that there’s a brand-new party pack releasing just in time for this event, so you won’t want to miss it! and Gartic Phone

Where: GeorgiaFurs Discord
Host: Snowball (GAF)

Courtesy of our lovely Snowball, we are able continue our weekly event in our Discord server!

Bring your best art skills, as you’ll definitely be needing them to draw to some crazy and unpredictable prompts for your fellow furs to take a crack at guessing. I’ve got it on good authority the word list is prone to cause laughter~

As a gentle reminder, this event is open for all ages but required to be PG in nature, with no adult topics being welcomed.

:gafurs:Cards Against Humanity

Where: GeorgiaFurs Discord
Host: Armando Davila (GAF)

Thanks to our host Armando Davila, we’re able to continue hosting our weekly Cards Against Humanity games in our Discord server!

Cards Against Humanity is a card game where you’ll need to use your humor and wit to gain points and win the game! However, the main goal is just to have a good time and laugh the night away~

As a reminder, this event is limited to our 18+ furs, as it tends to get a bit spicy at times!