GeorgiaFurs Events – October

As always, the RSVPs and form details for private events will only be displayed in our chats. If you’d like to RSVP for those, please consider joining our chatrooms.

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:gafurs:Green’s Eerily Exciting Round One Extravaganza

Where: Round One @ Cumberland Mall
Host: Green (GAF)

STRIKEEE! Enough of that, I’ll spare you from all of the bowling pins and get down into the gutter, lickity split.

Our lovely Green has offered to host an event at the Round One, over at Cumberland Mall. There’s bowling, Japanese-style arcade games, and even karaoke for our musically inclined furs! Of course, there’s also tons of socializing to be done with our lovely community members~

Something to keep in mind is that those under 18 will need a guardian (not another fur) with you after 8pm, and, for those under 21, you’ll need a guardian after 10pm. There’s still plenty of time for fun though!

:gafurs:FWAffice Meetup: Bewitching Board Games

Where: The FWAffice
Host: GeorgiaFurs

And of course, we’re having our monthly FWAffice meet! I know this one is always a fan favorite x3

We’re bringing back a theme from just a few months ago: board games! Feel free to bring your own, and we’ll be providing board games as well, courtesy of our BGR crew. More options always make the night a bit more fun though, so keep that in mind~

As always, you will need to RSVP to the FWAffice meet in advance. The RSVP will only be available to our community members, so be sure to join up today!

:gafurs:Nullhund’s Jackbox: Horrifyingly Hilarious Hijinks

Where: GeorgiaFurs’ Discord

Back once again, our local hellhound is taking the opportunity this spooky month to host another crazy fun round of Jackbox!

Taking place in the GAF’s discord server, this event is always a fun way for our furs to show off their creativity and great senses of humor, with laughter being guaranteed for those in attendance. I also heard that we may or may not have access to the newest Jackbox party pack so come by and try it out~

As always, this event is limited to our adult crowd (18+)! This event can get pretty crazy and occasionally even dirty, so be wary of that when joining in.

:gafurs:Kyris’s VRChat Meetup: Spooky Spectacle

Where: VRChat

Our resident dragon floof is back once again to bring another exciting night of VRChat fun! From what I’ve seen, this event is always a boatload of fun, so make sure to join in if you can~

As a reminder, be sure to friend Kyris on VRChat in order to join in on the fun, and all worlds will be both Quest and PC compatible, so no need to be concerned over equipment!

Make sure to bring your Halloween themed VRChat stuff! It’ll make things extra fun to get in the spooky season spirit


When: Every Monday at 8PM
Where: GeorgiaFurs’ Discord

Courtesy of our lovely Snowball, we now have a weekly event being hosted every Monday!

Bring your best art skills to these nights, as you’ll be needing to draw some crazy things out for your fellow furs to take a crack at guessing! I’ve it on good authority that the word list is prone to cause laughter~