GeorgiaFurs Events – September

As always, the RSVPs and form details for private events will only be displayed in our chats. If you’d like to RSVP for those, please consider joining our chatrooms.

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Be aware: not all events posted are OFFICIAL GeorgiaFurs events. Some are events that are hosted by members that are made public. As such, we are NOT responsible for the happenings at these personal events!

:gafurs:Keem’s TopGolf Birthday Bash

Where: Atlanta
Host: Keem (GAF)

Get ready and swing for the fences! One of our lovely members has decided to celebrate their birthday with us, and here are the deets!

TopGolf is a driving range of sorts with different golf games for players of all skill levels! There’s also some food and adult beverages available at the bar/restaurant in-house. For those looking to join in on the fun, it’s recommended that you bring $20 to fund your day~

Unfortunately, this will be a no fursuit event. However, feel free to wear your badges or bring any other fun furry attire that you wish!

:gafurs:Furry Night at the Atlanta Eagle

Where: Atlanta
Host: Atlanta Eagle Bar

This one is for our older furs! If you’ve ever wanted to go to the local bar in fursuit, or just enjoy a furry-themed night, then now is your chance!

Parking tends to be extremely limited, so grab some of your floofy friends to carpool with and hit up one of Atlanta’s best gay bars! Admission will be $5, drinks not included~

:gafurs:VRChat Meet: Fall Fantasia

Where: VRChat
Host: Kyris (AF/GAF)

Back once again to bring you a night full of excitement and laughter, our resident floofy angel derg Kyris is here to host one of our fan-favorite VRChat meets!

As a reminder, we have a VRChat Group that you may join through our Discord. Be sure to check us out there so you don’t miss out on the fun! All worlds will be Quest compatible and PC friendly, so no need to worry about equipment constraints; everyone can join in on the fun~

:gafurs:WGF Fun Bowl

Where: Fayetteville
Host: Talos the Automaton (WGF/GAF)

STRIKE! For our floofs over near Fayetteville, we’ve got a fun time at a local bowling alley for ya!

At this meet, there’s going to be lots of bowling fun and even an arcade! As a general rule of thumb, bringing at least $20 is recommended, as bowling and shoe rental will be about $12, leaving you a little bit left over in case you wanted to buy some snacks or play some games in the arcade~

While the alley itself won’t allow fursuit heads in the facility (for security and safety reasons), you’re welcome to wear any PG-rated furry attire and even bring your fursuits for a picture outside of the alley sometime before, after, or during the meet x3

When: Every Monday at 8PM
Host: Snowball (GAF)
Where: GeorgiaFurs’ Discord

Courtesy of our lovely Snowball, we now have a weekly event being hosted every Monday!

Bring your best art skills to these nights, as you’ll be needing to draw some crazy things out for your fellow furs to take a crack at guessing! I’ve it on good authority that the word list is prone to cause laughter~

:gafurs:Cards Against Humanity

When: Every Sunday at 8PM
Host: Armando Davila (GAF)
Where: GeorgiaFurs Discord

Cards Against Humanity is a card game where you’ll need to use your humor and wit to gain points and win the game! However, the main goal is just to have a good time and laugh the night away~

As a reminder, this event is limited to our 18+ furs, as it tends to get a bit spicy at times!(edited)