GeorgiaFurs Events – March

As always, the RSVPs and form details for private events will only be displayed in our chats. If you’d like to RSVP for those, please consider joining our chatrooms.

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:gafurs:GAF: Fluffs at Main Event

Where: Atlanta, GA

For our monthly event officially brought to you by our GeorgiaFurs team, we’re going to be hosting a meetup at Main Event Atlanta, with laser tag being our main event! Sadly, this will NOT be a fursuit-friendly event, so please keep that in mind

For the entry fee, it will be ~$25 for the unlimited access to bowling, laser tag, and ropes course. There IS also an Arcade, although you would have to pay additionally outside of the initial unlimited access pass.

This is a public event! If you’re interested in joining in, use this link here to let us know you’re coming: GAF: Fluff at Main Event RSVP

We hope to see all of our lovely community members there~

:gafurs:Snowball’s Park Meet

Where: Dawsonville, GA
Host: Snowball Solis (GAF)

Our ever lovely Snowball is back again with an awesome outdoor meet for our amazing community members!

This meet is going to be taking place at War Hill Park, up in Dawsonville! This is a fursuit-friendly event, and, while handlers are not required, they are highly recommended, for the safety of everyone! As for activities, there will be areas for a short walks/light hiking, cornhole, and photo/video opportunities! Remember to eat beforehand or bring food for yourself, as it will not be provided or available on location.

As a reminder, this is a PUBLIC park, so please be wary of what you say and do, keeping things family friendly as best you can!

:gafurs:Shusky’s VRChat Game Night

Where: GAF Discord
Host: Shusky (GAF)

Coming at you with another virtual meet this month, our resident Shusky is here to host a night full of fun and games! While it’s still up in the air, the current plan is that this night will be a VRChat meet, possibly with some additional fun in store if time permits!

We have a VRC Group you can join now! Be sure to join the group using this link: GAF VRChat Group. This way, you’ll be able to easily follow us through worlds and not miss out on the fun! All worlds will be Quest compatible and PC friendly, so no need to worry about equipment constraints; everyone can join in on the fun~

:gafurs:Nullhund’s Jackbox (18+)

Where: GeorgiaFurs’ Dissord
Host: Nullhund (AF/GAF)

Back once again, our local hellhound is bringing back the hilarious hijinks that come along with a chaotic game of Jackbox!

Make sure to stop by in the GeorgiaFurs Discord for all sorts of fun, degeneracy, and laughs! This night is prone to make some of our most veteran furries cringe, but it’s all in good fun~

As a reminder, this event is limited to our 18+ furs, as it tends to get a bit spicy at times.


When: Every Monday at 8PM
Host: Snowball (GAF)
Where: GeorgiaFurs’ Discord

Courtesy of our lovely Snowball, we now have a weekly event being hosted every Monday!

Bring your best art skills to these nights, as you’ll be needing to draw some crazy things out for your fellow furs to take a crack at guessing! I’ve it on good authority that the word list is prone to cause laughter~