GeorgiaFurs Hub

What is the GeorgiaFurs Hub?

In the GeorgiaFurs chats, we accept furries from all over the state – from the metro cities to the countryside. As such, it’s often difficult for furries to travel across the state to meet up or go to events with other furries. We also know there are a lot of furries in Georgia; some that already have their set groups among the local community.

We hear you, and we intend to connect with every fur that hosts their local community. We aim to be a main hub where furries can start their journey to find a community or group that best suits their style. The GeorgiaFurs Hub is our way to keep you up to date on all the different group chats from all around the state–provided they allow us to.

How does it work?

Primarily, the goal for the GAF Hub is to help furries find a group closer to where they live. We want to set up an accessible resource point of reliable social/event-organizing groups that operate in different cities that may be closer to the individual. We want to promote those groups so they are easier to find. We want to support those groups so they can thrive, help them with admin decisions. Imagine a web of connections where GAF serves as the central hub that connects with different groups around the state.

We’d like to make clear that this is NOT an attempt to acquire/merge groups together but rather to connect groups together. Each group is independent from GeorgiaFurs – thus having their own jurisdiction on how to handle their own group.

How is a group chat approved?

To join the GAF Hub, the group leader can reach one of our staff members and we’ll have a conversation . Alternatively, we may reach out to groups that we discover through our network. In general, we look for the following attributes in the chat:

  1. The chat must be SFW, inclusive, and open to all ages.
  2. The chat must have rules that are enforced by an active team of admins
  3. The chat must be generally active.
  4. The chat must provide an active link or method into their community group chat.
  5. The chat must NOT be directly associated with a NSFW variant.