Welcome to GeorgiaFurs!

What is GeorgiaFurs?

GeorgiaFurs is a community of furries that live in the state of Georgia! 

“What are furries?” Furries are people who are enthusiastic about anthropomorphic animals in movies, books, shows, artwork, and more. GeorgiaFurs aim to bring all the furries of Georgia together in one place. 

GeorgiaFurs is a safe-space for any furry who is LGBTQ. We respect all genders and orientation and welcome them with open arms into our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of GeorgiaFurs is to engage the local furry community-at-large and provide it with the resources and opportunities for education and entertainment during the convention year. It also provides a method for vetting potential volunteers and staff members for convention staffing needs.

Where to Go From Here

If you landed on this page, more than likely you are looking for furries in the state of Georgia. If that’s the case, we direct your gaze to the top of the page! See where it says “Join Us!”? If you access that, it’ll direct you to direct links to our Telegram Chat and Discord Server.

Before all that, however, we do encourage that you check out the “Our Rules” section. We do have a lot of it, but it’ll be important to know just to make sure you can fit right in!

Our Mascot

This is Peach, a White-Tailed Deer! They are a friendly face to get familiarized with. You’ll see them around a lot in our community!