GAF Art Studio Rules

General Rules

GeorgiaFurs Artist Studio is SFW. Some rules are subject to change or be added as the community grows and evolves, or as issues arise that require ironing out. These are general guidelines and the admins will enforce them as needed. 

  • Advertising 
    • Advertising in the Art Studio is not allowed. The art studio is for discussion, for connecting, and for supporting one another. Instead, we encourage artists to post their ads in GeorgiaFurs’ Telegram* or Discord’s “Dealer’s Den” chat
      • Note, you need admin permission to post ads on the Telegram chat, but not on the Discord’s channel
    • Asking for help on how to advertise IS allowed.
    • Sharing your social media (Telegram Channel, FA, Twitter, etc) for boosting is allowed.
    • If the ad is being forwarded from a channel or social media contains any potential adult topics (NSFW) material, it may get denied approval or taken down. Please be aware of the content posted!
  • Sensitive Content
    • Alcohol/Drugs 
      • Topics and artwork depicting responsible use of alcohol and legal recreational drugs are allowed but such topics are limited to characters over 21. 
    • Blood 
      • Artwork depicting blood is allowed in moderate amounts. 
      • Candy gore art (a type of gore that is much more colorful and cartoony than normal gore and does not typically include real blood) is allowed in moderate amounts. 
      • Images that are disturbing or violent are NOT allowed. 
    • Nudity & Suggestive/Sexual
      • Artwork with some artistic nudity is allowed. Art must be tasteful, if you have to question it, it probably isn’t. (Characters must be over 18) 
      • Artwork that is sexual in nature is NOT allowed. This includes lewd acts AND/OR intent. This includes kinks and fetishes. 
  • Crediting 
    • In the event that you post another artist’s work be sure to provide a link to their work.
  • Other 
    • Asking for input, help, and creative criticism is allowed and very encouraged. Do not ask for creative criticism if you do not feel comfortable having your work criticized! 
    • Offer support, be understanding, we’re all artists and we all start somewhere