Furskits Friday, June 2020

Hello Everyone! It’s time for our Furskits Friday for the month of June! The theme for this go-round is “Summer Time Lovin’ ” Where the focus is the start of the summer fun! If you would like to submit a skit, you can sign up here! If you are interested, it’s advised that you start sooner rather than later!

Let’s get going to the submission and sign-up form!

Quick submission guidelines:

  • Skits must be 1-2 minutes long.
  • Skits must be at most PG-13.
  • Recommended to upload Skit to YouTube (whether public or unlisted)

For more information, check out the sign-up page link above.

Let’s Watch!

The official watch party will be June 26th at 7pm.

The viewing party will be seen here:

Wanna be on call with other furs? Here is the Discord server:

Questions? Comments? Contact @XenosBlade on Telegram or @JXBReviews n Twitter.

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GeorgiaFurs are a collection of bright, talented and creative individuals having varied backgrounds living in all parts of the Peach State that all share an interest in anthropomorphics, or "furries".