?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – August?

Awoo, GeorgiaFurs!

We’re sure everyone is eager to see what we have planned! However, the staff at GAF has decided that this month we will NOT have any OFFICIAL GAF events. Instead, this month will be dedicated to our current staff.

You see, as we grow as a community, there are a lot of features we’d like to work on, events we’d like to plan, people we’d like to help with their events, artists we’d like to promote, and so much more! All of this takes effort, it takes time, it takes dedication, and it takes a bit of training. This month, GAF will dedicate the time to work within to realize these goals and make room for new ones. We’ve talked about a full rework of the Discord, consistent activities for artists, a shorter TL;DR announcements, and a proper return/appeal process for members. Not to mention, the Mini Con that’s still being worked on and would like to announce…soon!

We want to be able to keep bringing in events and activities, to ensure our members feel safe and inspired to host their own things, and to help our community of individuals grow! All of this will take some hard work. We apologize for those looking for events this month, and we thank you for taking the time to read the reasons for it. We hope you understand!

NOW! What’s next?

We aren’t totally without of events: GAF is just ONE group that makes events mainly in the Atlanta area. The groups at the GAF Hubs still makes events for their regions and cities! Be sure to check below for the list

Also…we do have a neighboring convention happening:

GAF at Megaplex

A lot of our members will be going to Megaplex in Orlando! We intend to try and get our group together to keep in touch at Megaplex; coordinate some suiting; maybe go eat dinner together–something of that sort!

We’ll be making a special Megaplex group chat JUST for our members, available only to those already in our group chats. So be sure to join the chats if you’re interesting in keeping touch!


Augusta-based Events
Savannah-based Events

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

That’s all for now! Again, thank you for everything! We’ll return in a months time~

Stay safe, stay peachy. Awoo GeorgiaFurs~?

? New Staff and Promotions! ?

Awoo, GeorgiaFurs!

?New Staff!

GeorgiaFurs has been growing a lot lately, and it’s time for us to bring in some new staff members! We carefully reviewed all of the applications, and have selected three members to join us in the Floof Patrol.

Please welcome Kie, Nullhund, and Abby to the GeorgiaFurs Floof Patrol!

We look forward to working with them and giving them the opportunity to help GeorgiaFurs continue to be an awesome place for all of us!


With the bringing in of new staff, it’s finally time to place people back into our Fuzz Police position! Fuzz Police are moderators who have proven themselves on our team and who have the willingness and capability to do more besides just moderate the chat. Of course, that describes ALL of our staff members, but we made ourselves pick only two to step into this elevated role.

Please congratulate Vik and Rozey for their promotions to Fuzz Police!

Vik will be the new head of Discord moderation, and Rozey will be the new head of Telegram moderation. We are very excited for the insight and innovation they will bring to these communities, and for the ways they will continue to expand GeorgiaFurs as the best furry community around!

❤️Note to the Community

GeorgiaFurs has grown so much in the past couple of months, and even more in the past year or so. To think that we’ve gone from one person practically running everything single-handedly to now having a growing team of dedicated staff is absolutely amazing. I don’t want that to take away from the fact that all of YOU are why we are here though. Our members are what makes GeorgiaFurs so amazing, and us staff are all proud to call this community our home. Thank you <3

Stay peachy and awoo, GeorgiaFurs~ ?

?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – July?

Awoo, GeorgiaFurs!!

Here we are on our website! We’ve finally done some rework to be able to post our announcements and details here without any character limits! It’s still a work on progress and we’re still learning a few of the kinks–as such we apologize for the late posting of events!

From now on, all of our events details will be posted here! We’ll use the platform’s announcements more specific to the platforms (TG/Discord updates, promotions, maintenance, etc.). We’ll be using a consistent format of updating the event pages based on what events are happening at a given time, location, and who is running it (in other words, what GA group chat runs it).

So, let’s not wait any longer:


GeorgiaFurs Events
Augusta-based Events
Savannah-based Events

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!


Artists! We have some events coming up just for you!

We’re dusting as many shelves and tables as we can for this month. We want to bring back the activities within our artists-spaces. And we have just the thing you might be interested in:

GAF Art Studio: Art Jam

It’s finally here! We’re bringing back our art jams! All of the details and forms will be provided in the RSVP link in our chatroom, so be sure to check us out there!

The GAF Art Studio is a private chatroom for artists only. If you’d like to join it, please contact one of our admins in any of the GAF chatrooms (Telegram or Discord). We’ll gladly help you join and get you included in our artists events!

And that is all, furry gang! Our first post through the website. All of our announcements details (minus some of the forms) will be posted here from now on. I hope we can adapt well to this change to make it easier on everyone to look up and read the details! Now if only we can get a calendar working…

Stay safe, stay peachy. Awoo GeorgiaFurs~?