Upcoming Events, February & March 2020

Furry Cookout with Treefox!

Saturday, February 29th at 6PM
Hosted by: Kemfox
Where: Marietta, GA

Treefox is hosting a furry cookout! This is a fursuit friendly event. If you want anything specific grilled please do bring/request it! If you have dietary restrictions please contact @Kemfox !

Details and RSVP: https://www.fursvp.com/group/atlstationfurs/8030

Video Game Night at FWAffice

Saturday, March 14th at 2PM
Hosted by: @Fourthebear and @PoorLifeChoices
Where: Norcross, GA

The fluffs are at it again with the video games! Come on by the FWAffice and join the cast in video games of all sorts!

Details and RSVP: https://gafu.rs/r6d

Kami’s Bad Movie Night! (18+)

Saturday, March 21st at 5PM
Hosted by: @KamiYama91
Where: Norcross, GA

You like films that’s a little too hard to watch? Films that make you groan and cringe and look away from how bad, silly, or hilarious it is? Well, our local Shibe has a selection of films that’ll do just that~ Out of his magic hat, he’ll pull out different films from different points of time and origin and show us what it means to truly have a bad movie night!

This event is marked for ages 18+.

More details and RSVP: https://gafu.rs/68B

CLS Gaming Day

Saturday March 28th at 10AM – 10PM
Hosted by: CLS Gaming/GeorgiaFurs
Where: Norcross, GA

CLS Gaming is coming by to host a few rounds of games, and you’re invited. Stop by and say hello and play the board games on offer, and say hello to our friends CLS Gaming!

No RSVP necessary. Contact @Fourthebear if you have any questions!

Ice Skating Event at the Cooler

Sunday, March 29th at 2PM
Hosted by: @JaxoNox
Where: Alpharetta, GA

“Greetings, fluffbutts!” Jaxo is hosting a meet at The Cooler in Alpharetta! Later, the gang will head on out to eat and visit the Avalon Mall. It’s a small and chill get together for those seeking something simple and easy for a Sunday afternoon in the area; come out if you wish!

Details and RSVP: https://www.fursvp.com/group/jaxofurmeets/7985

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