GeorgiaFurs’ Hub Links

Atlanta – AtlanthroFurs

“AtlanthroFurs is the second largest social group in the hub and one of the most active overall. This chat offers a generally chill vibe with events and get-togethers happening anywhere within the vicinity of Atlanta.”

To join, see the info pinned on their channel: AtlanthroFurs Events Channel

Savannah – Coastal Furpire

“The Coastal furpire is a furry group nestled away in Savannah, that is accepting of all furries. We just ask everyone to wash their hands, be kind to others and bare with us in the heat of the south.”

To join, click on this link: Coastal Furpire Chat

Macon – Middle GA Furs

“Macon? Warner Robins? We got you! Middle GA Furs, as the name suggest, operates within the middle section of Georgia. If you’re from the area, come on by! We’re waiting for ya~”

To join, click on this link: Middle Georgia Furs Waiting Room

Columbus – Fountain City Furs

“Fountain City Furs is based in Columbus and offers a space for anyone in on the West side of Georgia! Wanna find out what sort of fun furry things are in the West? Join us! Let’s find out together!”

To join, click on this link: Fountain City Furs Chat

Augusta – Augusta Furs

“Are you looking for furries on the East side of Georgia? Look no further! Bordering South Carolina, this chat serves as a central point for all furries on the East side of Georgia.”

To join, click on this link: Augusta Furs Waiting Room

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