?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Sept?

Hello one and all! After a month hiatus, we are BACK IN BUSINESS!

We got events, we got furries, we got news–well, some still in the works, but we DEFINITELY GOT NEWS! But first, let’s start with our UPCOMING EVENTS list based on community/city


GeorgiaFurs Events
Augusta-based Events
Savannah-based Events

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

? AOTMs and Art Monthlies are BACK!!

That’s right, fellow artists! We’re going to be bringing back the Artists of the Month and the Art Monthlies!

For those who don’t recall, every month we promoted one of our local artists in our group so that everyone can see their latest work and know where to find them for commissions. The monthlies are art trade/ prompts we give to our artists so they can have a little something to practice on each month for each other!

We always strive to help our artists out with small events like these and, hopefully, expand to bigger, more in-person events! If you’d like to get involved as an artists in the community, be sure to reach out to Shusky or any of our admins to ask about the GAF Art Studio!

That’s all for now! …For NOW! As we do plan a sort of “mid month” update. There’s something big in the works for next month…and we hope we are ready to announce it by then :3 so stay tuned~

Stay peachy, and AWOO GeorgiaFurs~