?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Dec?

BOO! It’s Spooky Season! The sun is setting earlier, hoodies and beanies are coming out, the wind is chilling, the bones are RATTLING!

Can you tell it’s our favorite month of the year? It’s more than just a Spooky time, it almost mark one more anniversary for the New GeorgiaFurs. But before that….


GeorgiaFurs Events
Halloween Events

We have some very spooky Halloween events. Be sure to check em out~

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

:gafurs:Happy 2 Years of GeorgiaFurs!!

We’ve survived 2 years of GeorgiaFurs! WOO!!!

Ahem. The veterans may point out that GAF has been around for much longer than two years. This is true; however, this is the 2nd year since our revitalization with new leaderships, activities, events, and opportunities to get together as one community.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us to bring you some of the best furry activity in the state and for trusting us to keep your community safe. It certainly hasn’t been easy through 2020, and 2021 we’ve finally started to dip our toes in the waters of in-person events. Now in 2022, we’ve done more in-person events than ever and we’re not stopping there! We want to be better, do more types of events than just FWAffice, provide a better moderation and improve our safety within our community, and so much more. We cannot do this without the input of our community.

Feedback is an important aspect of our community. As such, we’ll once again be releasing a full GAF Survey for the year 2022. Therein, you can tell us everything: what you want us to change, what you want the community to change, what activities you’d like to see, what we could do better for you. This is your chance to be heard.

From last year, we’ve decided to incorporate new changes to our rules by expanding it further. We also were looking into ways to make our process a bit more streamline and help our community feel safer from what we’ve learned in this year. There’ll be more to announced on this, so look forward to these announcements AND the survey by the end of the month.

? AOTM and A Special Opportunity is incoming!

?October’s Artist of the Month is PUCK

Our first AOTM in a while! We’ve been meaning to get back into the groove of things for artists, so here we are!

We have an upcoming opportunity in which we will need your help! Or rather, it may be an opportunity for us to help YOU instead!

We have a special event coming up, something…big. And something artistic that we’d like to run by you. I don’t think you’d want to miss it, so if you’re interested, please make sure you check out the GAF Art Studio Group chat/Channel for event information. This is coming really soon!

P.S.: AOTMs and the Previous Art Monthlies will be released soon. So do not worry~ It’ll be posted on our webpage once it’s complete!


Finally! We’ve teased this nearly all year, and we’re excited to announce that we are almost ready to disclose the details of our upcoming GAF MiniCon: an event catered to all the locals of GA with the idea of bringing a very miniature con experience for those looking to dip their toes!

The date for this event will be announced on our private community platforms! We’re announcing this early so you can make arrangements early!

There’ll be more details to come as, but for now: know the date and know that there’s a price of entry for this event!

Start preparing, GeorgiaFurs~

That’s all, folks! Let’s get spooky this month, yes?