?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Feb?

Alright! We got a lot of information to get through, so let’s get right to it!


GeorgiaFurs Events

Want to have the latest announcements and details? Come join our community to get started!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

?Battle & Brew: Interest and Details

We’ve created a form with a few details that we’d like to share with you. If you’re genuinely interested in attending this event, or any future event, consider giving it a good read and filling out the form.

Thank you for your time!

Battle & Brew Interest Form

?GAF Mini Con Survey

How did you like our event? Y’all WOW’D us with how many of y’all showed up!

The final counts we’ve got were 175 registered individuals. It’s crazy to us that there are so many local furries out here looking for things to do–and we’re here to help provide you just that!

Of course, as our first run, we believe we did fairly well! However, we know that we can do better, we can provide more, we can listen to our community and see where we could improve or what they’d like to see next time! So, in the following survey, you can let us know what you think! Please take the time to fill it out; we really appreciate it!

GAF Mini Con Survey

?Telegram Topics Experiment

As per our recent survey, it’s currently showing that individuals would be interested in incorporating “Topics” into our Telegram group. This will allow us to make separate “channels” of differing topics, much like Discord’s channel system.

This Sunday, we’ll be turning the topics on and trying it out for a few days! It can help us get an idea on what to expect if we decide to move forward with this change.

Just letting y’all know so you guys don’t freak out when y’all see it over the weekend!



On February 12th, it’ll come to effect: we’ll close the 2022 Survey and enact the policies we had in question, and we’ll start removing individuals who has not put their name down on the purge.

Find both forms for them here:

GAF Purge Form
GAF 2022 Survey

?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Jan?

Well well well!

We hope everyone’s had a good January so far! We’ve got a lot of stuff planned, especially for our upcoming minicon–which for that we’ll go straight into the announcements!


GeorgiaFurs Events


We are moving forward with the MiniCon! Those who follow us on our platforms (Discord and Telegram) have already gotten the date of our event and have the opportunity to RSVP ahead of time. So what are you waiting for? Come join our community to get started!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

?REMINDER: GAF Purge, New survey, New Rules, and Appeal/Rejoin Forms

If you recall our last announcement, you’ll recall that we’ve recently announced a mass purge of the GAF community to better hone our activity and aims. We also have introduced a new survey where individuals can share their thoughts on the community, as well as new rules to follow.

In addition, we’ve recently made the additions to our website that will include not just our new rules, but the Appeal/Rejoin forms for those who find themselves unable to reach our community for any reason.

This year will have a lot of changes, some that we’ll announce in our upcoming MiniCon, so we hope that you do manage to come and listen in to our updates for this year!

Below, we’ll give a link to each important form and survey. If you don’t mind, take the time to read it through and help us make this community YOUR community:

GAF Purge Form
GAF 2022 Survey
GAF Rules and Policies
GAF Appeal/Rejoin

This is the last month before we execute the purge and close the 2022 Survey. So please submit your piece as soon as possible!

That’s all for now! We hope to see as many people as we can in our upcoming MiniCon!

Stay safe, stay peachy, and Awoo, GeorgiaFurs~?

?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Dec?

Howdy everyone! Welcome back~

It’s been an arduous two months for GeorgiaFurs–two months for us to do some thinking and restructuring that we are now ready to launch!

Before we get into the details, let’s give you the events:


GeorgiaFurs Events

A few events, but only to prepare for the Holidays! And to take some time for the MiniCon in January~

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

?GAF Purge, New Survey, New Rules and Appeal/Rejoin forms

Over the last year, we’ve made a lot of notes of the state of the community. The peaks and the valleys; highs and lows; the growth and decays of just about everything from interests to chat vibes. With every interaction, positive or negative, that happens in our community, we take heed of it and we listen and we discuss with our new mods and staff what changes we’d need to do to create a better community.

As such, we are conducting a purge of our platforms and introducing a new set of rules, releasing our yearly GAF Survey, and introducing our highly requested Appeal/Rejoin forms.

For our purge, it’s an opportunity for us to reduce the number of members and focus on those who are truly active participants in our community. Over the years we used to use our size as a way to gauge our official status as “official furry chat of Georgia” and this simply isn’t the right way to go about it. We want to focus on those that are here now, not those that are just “present”. Yes, not everyone has to talk–we love our lurkers–but this is more on those that just ride along without contribution. This purge will cut our numbers and show our real count–and we in the backend can know just who we’ll be catering for.

If you wish to NOT be culled from our chat, we’ve created this link just for you. Please fill it out at your earliest convenience: GAF Purge Form

For our survey, it is an opportunity for the members of our community to speak up about what they feel about GAF: what they like about the community, what they wish would be better, what sort of events they’d like to see, what sort of policies they wish we’d enforce more or less–this is the community’s time to tell us directly what they think.

The link to the survey will be here: GeorgiaFurs 2022 Survey

For our rules, we’ve cleared up a few discrepancies, added a few new categories for simplicities such as a new written mission, new rules on behavior on our platforms, new restrictions such as age and parental guidance, and so much more. Truly, we want to be as clear as possible with our rules, and we’ll start enforcing them more frequently with our mods team.

For details of the rules, see this document: GeorgiaFurs Rules and Policies

For our Appeal/Rejoin forms, as part as our tightened rules and enforcing our rules more thanks to more mods on our team, there will be times in which individuals need to request to join and they cannot get a proper hold of our admins. Or they wish to appeal a ban that was placed on them or they’ve served their time away from the community. Whatever the case, this form is to reach us, inform us of their return, and we’ll look into their application.

You may find that form here: GeorgiaFurs Appeal/Rejoin Form

All of these forms will be made available on our website after these announcements.

?Age Restrictions

GeorgiaFurs prides itself in being an open community with a “family-friendly” setting in the sense that furries of all ages are able to attend our in-person events. However, after some deliberations within our online community–the place where most of our individuals reside for direct communication–we’ve decided to have an age-restriction that individuals that are 16 years or older will be allowed into the online chatrooms.

Our reason for this is to discourage young, unsupervised teenagers to communicate in an online environment without parental permissions. The internet can often have some questionable content that may not be suitable for teens–the furry fandom is not exempt from this rule, as much as we at GeorgiaFurs will monitor the content within our platform. Truth be told, we don’t want to be caretakers for children.

However, this rule is online restricted to online events. Individuals under 16 who are still in our platforms will be currently unaffected, and anyone under 16 outside our platforms are still able to join in-person events, but require a parent or legal guardian to be present. Since our events’ dates are still posted on our Discord and Telegram, we’ll be asking parents/guardians to send us an email if they wish to request information about a particular event with our email: [email protected]

And that is all! Lots of heavy stuff, lots of new stuff, but hopefully stuff that can help us improve and make your community experience all the better!

Again, it’ll mean a lot if you take the time to fill out the survey. We truly appreciate you all!

Stay peachy and awoo GeorgiaFurs~

?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Dec?

BOO! It’s Spooky Season! The sun is setting earlier, hoodies and beanies are coming out, the wind is chilling, the bones are RATTLING!

Can you tell it’s our favorite month of the year? It’s more than just a Spooky time, it almost mark one more anniversary for the New GeorgiaFurs. But before that….


GeorgiaFurs Events
Halloween Events

We have some very spooky Halloween events. Be sure to check em out~

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

:gafurs:Happy 2 Years of GeorgiaFurs!!

We’ve survived 2 years of GeorgiaFurs! WOO!!!

Ahem. The veterans may point out that GAF has been around for much longer than two years. This is true; however, this is the 2nd year since our revitalization with new leaderships, activities, events, and opportunities to get together as one community.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us to bring you some of the best furry activity in the state and for trusting us to keep your community safe. It certainly hasn’t been easy through 2020, and 2021 we’ve finally started to dip our toes in the waters of in-person events. Now in 2022, we’ve done more in-person events than ever and we’re not stopping there! We want to be better, do more types of events than just FWAffice, provide a better moderation and improve our safety within our community, and so much more. We cannot do this without the input of our community.

Feedback is an important aspect of our community. As such, we’ll once again be releasing a full GAF Survey for the year 2022. Therein, you can tell us everything: what you want us to change, what you want the community to change, what activities you’d like to see, what we could do better for you. This is your chance to be heard.

From last year, we’ve decided to incorporate new changes to our rules by expanding it further. We also were looking into ways to make our process a bit more streamline and help our community feel safer from what we’ve learned in this year. There’ll be more to announced on this, so look forward to these announcements AND the survey by the end of the month.

? AOTM and A Special Opportunity is incoming!

?October’s Artist of the Month is PUCK

Our first AOTM in a while! We’ve been meaning to get back into the groove of things for artists, so here we are!

We have an upcoming opportunity in which we will need your help! Or rather, it may be an opportunity for us to help YOU instead!

We have a special event coming up, something…big. And something artistic that we’d like to run by you. I don’t think you’d want to miss it, so if you’re interested, please make sure you check out the GAF Art Studio Group chat/Channel for event information. This is coming really soon!

P.S.: AOTMs and the Previous Art Monthlies will be released soon. So do not worry~ It’ll be posted on our webpage once it’s complete!


Finally! We’ve teased this nearly all year, and we’re excited to announce that we are almost ready to disclose the details of our upcoming GAF MiniCon: an event catered to all the locals of GA with the idea of bringing a very miniature con experience for those looking to dip their toes!

The date for this event will be announced on our private community platforms! We’re announcing this early so you can make arrangements early!

There’ll be more details to come as, but for now: know the date and know that there’s a price of entry for this event!

Start preparing, GeorgiaFurs~

That’s all, folks! Let’s get spooky this month, yes?

?GeorgiaFurs Announcements – Sept?

Hello one and all! After a month hiatus, we are BACK IN BUSINESS!

We got events, we got furries, we got news–well, some still in the works, but we DEFINITELY GOT NEWS! But first, let’s start with our UPCOMING EVENTS list based on community/city


GeorgiaFurs Events
Augusta-based Events
Savannah-based Events

Tap/Click on any of the above links to access specific events for those cities!

If you have an event you’d like to promote and advertise, please get in touch with one of our admins on Discord or Telegram!

? AOTMs and Art Monthlies are BACK!!

That’s right, fellow artists! We’re going to be bringing back the Artists of the Month and the Art Monthlies!

For those who don’t recall, every month we promoted one of our local artists in our group so that everyone can see their latest work and know where to find them for commissions. The monthlies are art trade/ prompts we give to our artists so they can have a little something to practice on each month for each other!

We always strive to help our artists out with small events like these and, hopefully, expand to bigger, more in-person events! If you’d like to get involved as an artists in the community, be sure to reach out to Shusky or any of our admins to ask about the GAF Art Studio!

That’s all for now! …For NOW! As we do plan a sort of “mid month” update. There’s something big in the works for next month…and we hope we are ready to announce it by then :3 so stay tuned~

Stay peachy, and AWOO GeorgiaFurs~