GeorgiaFurs Art Studio Rules

Version 1.0, September 2019

  • I agree to adhere to the general GeorgiaFurs Member Agreement.
  • I will promote good chat habits and encourage dialog that keeps in line with the general theme and topic of the art chat, 
    • Our goals are to educate, promote and encourage creativity within the furry art community in Georgia.
    • The general topic of the art chat is to talk about art — how to improve, where to find good resources, and support other artists in a positive manner.
  • I will keep all imagery and links to such in the “G” rating, as there are younger members of the art community present.
  • I will allow all participants the chance to contribute to the conversation.
    • Spamming is frowned upon. 
    • Advertisements are allowed in small doses — one to two lines pointing to a webpage that has all the details about your services and stays within the art group theme/topic.
  • I will keep the tone of the group positive, and encourage resolution of all disagreements in a private fashion, and ping an admin for help if needed.
  • I understand that the rules are not stone bricks, and can change based on context and situation.
    • Art is a subjective topic, and can be okay one day and taboo the next.


  • version 1.0, November 2019
    initial version