Announcing our FWA pre-con event: Dinner at Mary Mac’s!

Attention Georgia Furs! Are you looking for a good way to kick off FWA with friends? Look no further! We are hosting a dining event at Atlanta’s Official Dining room: Mary Mac’s. This Southern-style cuisine is a sure way to experience a little southern hospitality to you and your friends before FWA.

What if I’m not a Georgia furry, you ask? That’s quite all right! This event is open to all furries that are attending FWA.

  • When Wednesday, May 6, 2020 starting at 6:00PM
  • Address: 224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Cost $30 per person; visit to reserve a slot.

Some notes

  • You must have an existing convention registration to be able to purchase the Mary Mac’s dinner; go ahead and register for the convention first if you haven’t already!

Make sure to bookmark this page to keep up to date on all the latest updates for this event — and send along to your friends as well!

If you have questions, send me a message via Telegram (@fourthebear)

CLS Game Day has changed dates

Heya everybody, this is a heads up that, due to some scheduling conflicts, the CLS Game Day has been moved from March 7 to March 28 from 10A to 10P at the FWA Community Space.

Update your calendars and feel free to send me a message on Telegram (@fourthebear) if you have further questions.

Come on out to Open Door Day!

Hi everyone!

If you’re looking for something to do on Thursday February 27, we’re opening the door to the Community Space from 6PM to 10PM for our Open Door day! This go round, we’ll be working on painting things for the convention; we’ve got quite a few, and can use a few hands.

Make sure you let us know that you’re coming by RSVPing here:

Can’t make it this Thursday? That’s okay! Just put the next one on your calendar — Open Door day is every Thursday from 6-10PM at the FWA Community Space.

Upcoming Events, February & March 2020

Furry Cookout with Treefox!

Saturday, February 29th at 6PM
Hosted by: Kemfox
Where: Marietta, GA

Treefox is hosting a furry cookout! This is a fursuit friendly event. If you want anything specific grilled please do bring/request it! If you have dietary restrictions please contact @Kemfox !

Details and RSVP:

Video Game Night at FWAffice

Saturday, March 14th at 2PM
Hosted by: @Fourthebear and @PoorLifeChoices
Where: Norcross, GA

The fluffs are at it again with the video games! Come on by the FWAffice and join the cast in video games of all sorts!

Details and RSVP:

Kami’s Bad Movie Night! (18+)

Saturday, March 21st at 5PM
Hosted by: @KamiYama91
Where: Norcross, GA

You like films that’s a little too hard to watch? Films that make you groan and cringe and look away from how bad, silly, or hilarious it is? Well, our local Shibe has a selection of films that’ll do just that~ Out of his magic hat, he’ll pull out different films from different points of time and origin and show us what it means to truly have a bad movie night!

This event is marked for ages 18+.

More details and RSVP:

CLS Gaming Day

Saturday March 28th at 10AM – 10PM
Hosted by: CLS Gaming/GeorgiaFurs
Where: Norcross, GA

CLS Gaming is coming by to host a few rounds of games, and you’re invited. Stop by and say hello and play the board games on offer, and say hello to our friends CLS Gaming!

No RSVP necessary. Contact @Fourthebear if you have any questions!

Ice Skating Event at the Cooler

Sunday, March 29th at 2PM
Hosted by: @JaxoNox
Where: Alpharetta, GA

“Greetings, fluffbutts!” Jaxo is hosting a meet at The Cooler in Alpharetta! Later, the gang will head on out to eat and visit the Avalon Mall. It’s a small and chill get together for those seeking something simple and easy for a Sunday afternoon in the area; come out if you wish!

Details and RSVP:

Upcoming Events

Heya everybody! Looking for something to do? Here’s what’s on the up and up on the furry calendar.

Saturday January 25

Art Jam and Open House, 2PM to 10PM

To ring in the new year we will be having another Art Jam on Sat 25th Jan starting at 2pm at the FWAffice/Community center.

Make sure to bring your supplies like pencils, pens, tablets, etc along with any creative friends that you know well. There will be snacks, drinks on site and you are welcome to bring your own too! Please request for any supplies in advance so we can see if it possible. 

Also, there will be an FWA Volunteer Open House at 3pm nearby as well. We are inviting anyone and everyone who are interested in helping and learning about their local furry con. This will be in an adjacent space to the Art Jam so that artists  can continue their work. 

Please RSVP to the Art Jam here:

Sunday February 9

Furry Flea Market at the FWAffice, 12PM to 6PM

Got unwanted gifts for the holidays? Lonely unworn fursuit parts in the closet? Need to make room on your walls for more artwork? Declutter your home and join us at the first FWAffice Furry Flea Market!

This is a great opportunity to clear out your bookshelves, attic and cellar, or find treasures others have unearthed from theirs. We’ll have booths and tables for anyone to sell anything they like – provided it is not food/drink and it is legal and suitable for all ages. You could even sell art commissions if you like. Or just stop by, say hello and look around. ^^

Furry-related items are encouraged; they have a much better chance of finding the right home here than they would at the thrift store. XD

Remember to bring cash, as sellers may not be able to accept other forms of payment.

Please tell your friends!

Join @furryfleamarket on Telegram to ask questions, sign up to sell, and share what you plan on selling!

Saturday February 15

Board Game Night at the FWAffice, 2P-10P

It’s time for another board game night! We’ve got that good selection of board games to play, and you should come make a friend! More information and the RSVP link are here:

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