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  • Didn't get your fill of party last night at #ESG2012 We're steppin it up tonight with a live DJ on the terrace. Suite 1264 at 10:30 y'all! 2012-05-05
  • On the :05s and :35s we're givin away door prizes at the party! Come on up and grab a ticket! 2012-05-05
  • Or here even! This is so much more awesome than last year. 2012-05-05
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Aug 30 and 31st – DragonCon Furry Meetups

August 12th, 2014 by atlwolf
DragonCon Furry Meetups – Saturday Aug 30 and Sunday Aug 31 we have two meetup planned for this year.  Come join 65,000 fellow geeks for one of the craziest parties Atlanta has. They have 3 dealers dens larger than any you have ever seen. They have free food and soda at the consuite. The all night raves are amazing and packed.  Last year, we had several hundred people at the Saturday meetup and overfilled the hotel’s largest room. This year we’re moving the meetups to accommodate even more people. More details on the meetups here.

Sunday Aug 10th – Mountain Biking

August 4th, 2014 by atlwolf
Atlwolf is taking some people mountain biking this Sunday Aug 10th at 2pm at Yellow River in Stone Mountain. This is a beginner trail and is a great ride along the river. See this post for more information
* Note – This is not a Georgia Furs event. Atlwolf is just going biking and you are welcome to join him. Please see this post for complete information

5/25 Sunday – Furry picnic in Norcross

May 21st, 2014 by atlwolf
5/25 Sunday – Furry picnic in Norcross at Skippy and Kittrel’s house. Has it been a while since you’ve been outside? Come join us for outdoor fursuit and general furry fun. Yes, we will also have Xbox and card games for those allergic to fresh air. See post for RSVP.

UPDATED 5/24 Saturday 6pm Momocon meetup

May 21st, 2014 by atlwolf
5/24 Saturday Momocon – Ok, here’s the official time and place. We figured since Momocon is at both hotels and this is the hotel for FWA next year, the Marriott would be a great place to meet. Furry/neko/Otherkin and fursuit meetup Saturday 6pm Marriott Marque on 10th floor (Sky Lobby. Take any elevator to the 10th floor open lobby (they all stop there)  and look for us. Meet at 6, hang out for 30 min or so and then maybe go get some food. Discussion here.

* Note change in meetup location. Moved to 10th Floor Sky Lobby of the Marriott at the request of Momocon staff. Looks like we expect a big turnout.

Saturday May 10 Anretti’s and Game Night

May 2nd, 2014 by atlwolf
Double Events – all the way

Just can’t enough of hanging out with furries. Join us Saturday May 10th for 2 events. You can come to either or both.

1-4p High Speed Go-Karts, Extreme ropes, Zipline, Rock Wall and games at Andretti’s. See this post.

5-10pm Gaming night at the FWAffice. See this post.

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