Upcoming Events

Heya everybody! Looking for something to do? Here’s what’s on the up and up on the furry calendar.

Saturday January 25

Art Jam and Open House, 2PM to 10PM

To ring in the new year we will be having another Art Jam on Sat 25th Jan starting at 2pm at the FWAffice/Community center.

Make sure to bring your supplies like pencils, pens, tablets, etc along with any creative friends that you know well. There will be snacks, drinks on site and you are welcome to bring your own too! Please request for any supplies in advance so we can see if it possible. 

Also, there will be an FWA Volunteer Open House at 3pm nearby as well. We are inviting anyone and everyone who are interested in helping and learning about their local furry con. This will be in an adjacent space to the Art Jam so that artists  can continue their work. 

Please RSVP to the Art Jam here: https://gafu.rs/1rM

Sunday February 9

Furry Flea Market at the FWAffice, 12PM to 6PM

Got unwanted gifts for the holidays? Lonely unworn fursuit parts in the closet? Need to make room on your walls for more artwork? Declutter your home and join us at the first FWAffice Furry Flea Market!

This is a great opportunity to clear out your bookshelves, attic and cellar, or find treasures others have unearthed from theirs. We’ll have booths and tables for anyone to sell anything they like – provided it is not food/drink and it is legal and suitable for all ages. You could even sell art commissions if you like. Or just stop by, say hello and look around. ^^

Furry-related items are encouraged; they have a much better chance of finding the right home here than they would at the thrift store. XD

Remember to bring cash, as sellers may not be able to accept other forms of payment.

Please tell your friends!

Join @furryfleamarket on Telegram to ask questions, sign up to sell, and share what you plan on selling!

Saturday February 15

Board Game Night at the FWAffice, 2P-10P

It’s time for another board game night! We’ve got that good selection of board games to play, and you should come make a friend! More information and the RSVP link are here: https://gafu.rs/zMl