Let’s have an update, April 2020

Hi everybody, hope you’re keeping sane in this craziness we’re currently going through. 

We’re still in a holding pattern for GeorgiaFurs events such as video game and board game night for the time being, but there’s still activities happening that we’d like to make you aware of.

Shusky and the Atlanthrofurs crew have set up a couple of Minecraft instances, one realm and one custom modded server version, something for the whole furry family. In addition, you’ll want to join the Atlanthrofurs gaming Discord server to keep up with the other online action going on; the gang have a D&D session as well as other various online play game chats.  To get started, join the Atlanthrofurs Discord at https://discord.gg/hXHpkqX and the Atlanthrofurs Announcement Telegram at: https://t.me/AtlanthroFursChannel

In celebration of Fursuit Friday, Xenos is putting together a “Furskit Friday” show for local fursuiters via an online platform. Information and sign ups for suiters can be found here: https://forms.gle/LXrJLT1Kar2hWr7r5. The first show date is tentatively set for April 24th, more viewing details coming soon!

If you’ve got an activity you’d like to share with local furries, get in touch! We’d love to get people together in some form or fashion while still stuck inside riding the “storm” out. 

Four and the GeorgiaFurs Staff

posted by Four on April 13, 2020. permalink