Furskits Friday #1

Join us for the first Furskits Friday on Friday, April 24th at 6pm! You’ll be able to chat as you watch in the Atlanthro Furs’ Discord and have fun taking part in the general silliness and commentary! Hosted by @XenosBlade, all of Georgia Furs are invited to participate!

What’s a skit?

Just a short video of you doing…well whatever! So long as it fits the theme and follows the guidelines, you are the director and actor. Be creative! You got 90 seconds of spotlight! Every local is welcomed to join–suit or no suit!

The theme for this month is: Easter

Submission deadline: Thursday, April 23rd at 6pm.
Viewing Party: Friday, April 24th at 6pm.

Some Handy Links

Submission link: https://forms.gle/LXrJLT1Kar2hWr7r5
Stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/batbatishere2play
Discord link: https://discord.gg/eMqbeJ

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